The Designers of Tomorrow (DOT) Fellowship equips the next generation of leaders with the skills, mindsets, and experience to accelerate social impact and improve the lives of people in underserved communities.


The training & skills you need to become a designer of tomorrow

Practice Design Thinking

By working directly with the people being designed for, fellows learn to surface uniquely valuable insights, work side-by-side with locals to creatively problem solve, and translate concepts to well-tested, validated solutions.

Address Global challenges

The world's most pressing challenges are complex and multi-dimensional. Fellows learn to navigate complex systems, integrate theory from different fields, and work in multidisciplinary teams to address challenges from the ground up. 

Explore Human Potential

Fellows come in with a growth mindset, recognizing that social change starts with individual action. It is by being conscious in their everyday choices and mindfully creating space to push their own boundaries, that fellows will grow to be great leaders and influence change. 

program details

In this year-long program, fellows immerse themselves in local culture and work to address development challenges practicing a holistic approach to problem solving. The practical experience is grounded in a learning curriculum from thought leaders in design, social innovation, engineering, and business.


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design A BETTER tomorrow

The DOT Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity for the next generation of leaders to design a better tomorrow by practicing human centered design, gaining a deep understanding of challenges in underserved communities, and discovering latent potential.

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