We're dreamers and doers, re-imagining what it takes to change the world.


The Designers of Tomorrow (DOT) Fellowship equips the next generation of leaders with the skills, mindsets, and experience to accelerate social impact and improve the lives of people in underserved communities.


The training & skills you need to become a designer of tomorrow

Practice Design Thinking

By working directly with the people being designed for, fellows learn to surface uniquely valuable insights, work side-by-side with locals to creatively problem solve, and translate concepts to well-tested, validated solutions.

Address Global challenges

The world's most pressing challenges are complex and multi-dimensional. Fellows learn to navigate complex systems, integrate theory from different fields, and work in multidisciplinary teams to address challenges from the ground up. 

Explore Human Potential

Fellows come in with a growth mindset, recognizing that social change starts with individual action. It is by being conscious in their everyday choices and mindfully creating space to push their own boundaries, that fellows will grow to be great leaders and influence change. 

program details

In this year-long program, fellows immerse themselves in local culture and work to address development challenges practicing a holistic approach to problem solving. The practical experience is grounded in a learning curriculum from thought leaders in design, social innovation, engineering, and business.


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design A BETTER tomorrow

The DOT Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity for the next generation of leaders to design a better tomorrow by practicing human centered design, gaining a deep understanding of challenges in underserved communities, and discovering latent potential.

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We're inspired by the possibility to live in a world of compassion, economic opportunity, & universal freedom.


The Designers of Tomorrow Fellowship represents a radically different approach to accelerating impact by placing focus on equipping leaders with the tools, mindsets, and practical experience needed to solve complex challenges and build a better tomorrow.


Before we think about problems, we start with people.

Today, there are many interconnected and deep-rooted systemic barriers facing those in underserved communities. But by listening to voices unheard, identifying latent potential, and bolstering our collective aptitude to innovate, we can address these challenges and design the way to a better world.

We believe that to tackle complex challenges and build a better tomorrow, we need to go beyond traditional approaches, combining creative problem solving with a change in consciousness at a personal level. 

Our world's most pressing problems are complicated, interdisciplinary, and ever-shifting -- we think the way we prep social impact leaders needs to be just as integrated, dynamic, and creative.


We're on a mission to become design-centered humans.

With design thinking concepts as a foundation, we're adding substantive focus on connecting the theories of behavioral economics, business, and technology into a learning model rooted in practical experience, real world experimentation, and personal transformation. 

At the core of the Designers of Tomorrow fellowship is a one-year learning and work experience designed to prepare fellows to become agile and visionary leaders. A six-week orientation experience, three 15-week design challenges, and an integrated learning program support fellows to shift their mindsets and ready themselves to drive change.

Founding team / Inaugural Year Fellows

We believe that to make change happen, we've got to start with ourselves.

Inspired by the opportunity to learn on our own terms and accelerate change using design, we're taking a stab at building an experience-based fellowship model to create a pipeline of leaders who think the same. 

Over the next year, we'll work together to build and prototype the DOT Fellowship model in partnership with an expanded team of Fellows, network of designers, and social impact organizations in India.

Christopher Scott

A dreamer and a doer, Christopher is fascinated by business models that attack poverty through the lens of business. He has led inclusive innovation initiatives at TechnoServe in Ethiopia, South Africa, Mozambique, and Uganda and has blended design thinking into his strategy work as a management consultant at New Sector in Boston and Booz Allen Hamilton in New York City.

anmol, headshot.png

Anmol Kaur

Anmol is driven by the question “what would the world look like if more people could live free of the barriers that prevent them from realizing their potential?”. She comes from a background of engineering and strategy consulting, working at the intersection of the two – most recently in her work at Goonj in New Delhi, and previously working to make financial services more barrier-free at a top bank in Toronto.

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The Designers of Tomorrow Fellowship is an experience that empowers you to learn on your own terms and solve real world challenges using the power of design.



The Fellowship is grounded in four core principles:


Creative problem solving

We work at the intersection of analytical thinking and creative solutions.



We bring the right mix of creative and technical skills, and the grit to take our work from design to implementation.


Systems thinking isn't just a critical part of our approach, it's our lifestyle  we believe that systemic change starts with mindful living and individual action.

Exploration of human potential

We believe that we are capable of extraordinary things if we put people first and reframe problems as opportunities.

A new Space for a different type of leader

Leaders of the future thrive in ambiguity and solve problems of dizzying complexity. The DOT fellowship provides nascent designers with the chance to learn in a collaborative team setting, pairing a structured curriculum with practical design projects in partnership with social impact organizations. 

Social impact curriculum

A curriculum-based learning experience, deliberately built around five core competencies — the core skills needed to navigate complex problems, develop effective solutions, and sustain as a leader:

  • Design Thinking
  • Storytelling for Change
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Global Development
  • Personal Leadership

Practical experience

Structured around the idea that leaders learn best by doing, the fellows complete three 15 week design project cycles with social impact organizations over the course of the year. Fellows will embed themselves within the organization and their surrounding communities. Projects will encompass all five phases of the human-centered design methodology: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. 

Retreats, Activities, & Continuous Learning

During the fellowship, the team will participate in pre-planned retreats and other activities design to strengthen their relationships, gain a deeper understanding of India, and work on their individual mindfulness practice. 

India in focus

In its inaugural year, the DOT Fellowship will take place in India. Fellows will have the opportunity to work with social impact organizations doing groundbreaking work across the sub-continent. 


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