Founding team members will serve as both creators and participants of the DOT Fellowship experience. Each member of the founding team will have an even stake in designing and prototyping the fellowship model.

We are actively recruiting for two roles to join our team:

  • Industrial Design Lead

    Described by the words ‘maker’ and ‘builder’, you likely come from an engineering background and you’re a pro at translating design concepts into physical prototypes and interactive experiences. You’ll lead our team in bringing our best ideas to life, enabling us to tangibly test and validate them with users, making sure we get them right.

  • Visual Design Lead

    A creative and visually-inclined type, you’re an expert in communicating visually and crafting compelling stories using graphic design, illustration, and other visual mediums. You’ll lead our team's work to transform words into visuals that help to reframe user insights into clear, engaging stories that lead to meaningful solutions for our partners and communities.


Key traits we're looking for:


You believe in our dream and are ready to participate as a business partner and trusted member of the team, with an even stake in designing and validating the DOT concept.


You are an organized problem solver, with practiced creative confidence and a knack for understanding integrated systems.


You are a pro at something - whether it’s singing, business strategy, cooking, or designing robots. You have proven your dedication to master a skill, the hunger to keep learning, and the grit to get down to work.


You have a collaborative and sincere work ethic. You adjust quickly in unfamiliar situations and connect comfortably with diverse groups, from teammates to local community members.



Apply Now

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Interviews and final selection will occur by early-September.


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