We're in India, on a mission to become design-centered humans.


We're dreamers. We're doers. We're here to see, share, and explore.

Inspired by the opportunity to learn on our own terms and accelerate social innovation, we're taking a stab at building an experience-based fellowship model to create a pipeline of leaders who think the same. 

But we know change starts with us as individuals — our stories being catalysts for positive change. We're driven to create a new way to learn and understand our world, using Designers of Tomorrow as the vehicle for creating the better tomorrow we believe in.



Christopher Scott

Creative Strategist. Non-traditionalist. Coffee Guy.

Christopher is fascinated by models that attack poverty through the lens of business. He has led inclusive innovation initiatives at TechnoServe in Ethiopia, South Africa, Mozambique, and Uganda and has blended design thinking into his strategy work as a management consultant at New Sector in Boston and Booz Allen Hamilton in New York City.


Systems Thinker. Intersection Explorer. Undercover Hippie.

Anmol’s inspiration to launch the DOT Fellowship comes from envisioning the possibility to live in a world of compassion and ubiquitous access to freedom and opportunity. She comes from a background in engineering and business consulting, where she has worked on digital and business transformations at a leading bank in Toronto, and more recently on economic development programs with Goonj, in New Delhi.