This year is about re-imagining what it takes to change the world.


We're building a new space to learn and design solutions for a better tomorrow.

For the next year, we'll be based in India to construct and partake in the prototype of the Designers of Tomorrow Fellowship. This year is an inquiry into the most effective tools and mindsets leaders need to drive social impact. 

Along this journey, we WILL:


Learn the key skills and mindsets required to accelerate change through four integrated learning intensives in 21st-century leadership skill areas: 

  • Design Thinking

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Global Development

  • Moral Leadership


Gain practical experience designing solutions in under-served communities, through three 12-week design challenges in partnership with some of India’s leading social impact organizations.


Iteratively co-create a curriculum for social impact leaders, through a weekly forum for reflection, personal projects, and learnings from industry leaders. 

4 Explore.png

Explore new boundaries for the design thinking space, particularly at the intersections it has with multiple disciplines and its applications to social innovation. 


We're also sharing what we're learning and building a community, through interactive workshops, public dialogue, and online conversation.